A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hello, I'm Vendena and I'm developing Harem Residence! A visual novel with dating-sim elements!

You're just an average guy, living an average life. You haven't seen the few friends you had in months, and to add... you were fired from your job...

Things begin to change when your parents sent you to take care of the house of your recently deceased grandfather... a big house in another town...

You take this as an opportunity to start a new life, and since the place it's pretty big, you decide to rent some of it's rooms to make a living.

Find tenants for your residence, spend time with them and see where things go!

In Harem Residence, there's a total of 21 cute girls for you to find and meet! Some of them will move to your residence, while you can find the others in different parts of the town!

Spend time with the girls to progress with them, help them with any problem they might have and unlock uncensored hentai scenes!

Earn money using different methods and make some investments to increase your passive income!

Things you'll find in Harem Residence:

  • Ahegao
  • Anal
  • Creampie
  • Dating
  • Defloration
  • Exhibitionism
  • Girl on Girl
  • Harem
  • Promiscuity
  • Romance
  • Absolutely no NTR!
  • And more!

Harem Residence is a free game and will remain like that forever! However, if you'd like to see it grow, consider supporting me through Patreon. It'll be greatly appreciated!

We also have a Discord Server you should consider to join!

Thanks, and have fun!

Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGIMP, Ren'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Dating Sim, Erotic, harem, Hentai, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

You just need to unzip the game and run it.


(0.07) for MAC (MEGA)
(0.07) for MAC (RACATY)
(0.07) for MAC (MIXDROP)
(0.07) for MAC (GDRIVE)

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Why I can not progress Otome eventhough opened 2nd building and room ?
did i miss something ?

Check her hints, you might find clues in there.

the latest other perspective memories doesn't appear at all, how to make it appear? i finish this update already.


Is anyone else having issues extracting the files? I tried installing it through mega, rac and mix and i believe it was rac that wouldn't even work (issue with them probabaly never had luck with them. And mega and mix would download but while trying to extract files both times using winrar it would run into a data error saying cyclic redundancy check and wouldnt ever go through. Tried ignoring it and extracting with what could be read but as I kinda expected it is unusable files are there but it will not launch. I even tried to double check this being a issue with the game files by redoing an extraction on another game to check if it would do the  same and nothing. I also launched a different game to check that the no launch situation wasn't just a computer issue and confirmed that it was just this game as far as I can tell so far. Anyone had issues with this? Any advice?

I haven't gotten any reports of the game not extracting, so I can safely assume everyone extracted it just fine. For the sake of just trying out stuff, try to extract with 7-Zip.


I am very confused about something: why are so many male MC's in VN's so passive and clueless? It's such a common thing that I can only assume people like this. But I just want to slap him. Maybe it comes from living in a culture that's not very conservative but it just seems quite frustrating to me. I realise the story will progress and things will start happening .. I would just find it less frustrating if the girls weren't quite so into him in the beginning and he had to build the relationships .. rather than the girls being quite into him but for some inexplicable reason he's a young adult who acts like a 12 year old.
Still enjoying the game .. just a bit mystified as to why it's so common.

I do like the art style. 


Good question. In my case, for HR, I wanted to go with the self-insert approach. When making him, I was wondering how to do this properly. The best answer I could reach was to make him devoid of a strong personality. He has many traits that clashes with each other. He can be gentle, or sadistic. He can be proactive or timid. Impulsive or indecisive. Perverted or serious. Etc.

He being "passive" like you say, it's on purpose. The girls will comment on this sometimes, wishing he could be more aggressive. And that's the thing, he can be hotblooded too.

And that bring us to the girls. Yes, they get interested in him way too quickly (with some exceptions). That's on purpose too. Otherwise it would go against the general genre and setting of this game. While each girl has their own personality and problems you need to take care of, the main goal is to fill the house of cute girls and bang them. This is a harem eroge after all.

That being said, I'd like to believe it's not as bad as some JP eroge I usually play, where you get to bang the girl in the first hour or two of meeting her.

In any case, this is the logic I went with. But in reality I might just be a bad writer. But I can only improve if people play my stuff, so~

I always welcome and value any kind of criticism. You're welcome to join the Discord server and discuss further if you like.

When i have Mako over to meet everyone the game stops working doing a force shutdown and there's no way past it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                if you do end up looking into this i'd be ever so thankful                                                                                                                                                its a great game and i'd very much like to play it all.

This is pretty weird and shouldn't happen at all. Can you elaborate on what exactly happens? Do you see an error?

Hi sorry iv been away and didn't think i'd get a response so quickly

(A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.) 

that's what the popup said i don't no anymore then that sorry

Sorry. That's not enough for me to help you out. I did ask around and other players didn't had any issues with the event with Mako. I suggest to try again, and if the problem persist, reach me in the Discord server with screenshots if possible.


when is the next update



Feeling quite sorry that there is no animation, aside from that, how to get the code, if I subscribe to your patreon can I have it?

Cheats and stuff roam around the discord server, you can ask there.


-This game is currently work in progress. Any content you find in this version of the game might be changed in a future date.

Do you understand this?

-I don`t

-You didn't meet our requirements

*closes the game*


Haha, it's very important to understand that!

when will version 0.06 be public

It's public, scroll up a bit and download it.

Will there be pregnancy if the future?


There are plans for it.

For all the girls or just a few?

Most likely just a few.


Why not for all?

This game has....well done a lot to me (; 

thanks a shit ton for making this. can't wait to see where it goes 

First of all, I'm not sure if it was intentional, but to me hibiki looks like cagalli yula athha from mobile suit gundam seed and seed destiny. and that has made her one of my favorite characters. also just a idea but how about making a event for hibiki where she cosplays as cagalli for the mc and they do some roleplay, you could probably do something similar for mako, by making her cosplay as lacus clyne a idol from mobile suit gundam seed and seed destiny. just as a couple of examples. and i know that there others who could have a cosplay event or events.

It wasn't intentional, but I do have some cosplaying stuff in mind. I'll take note of this. Thanks.

An chance of an android port please because it seems to be an interesting VN but i do not have a computer

For the time being, my own android builds do not install on my phones or emulator. But I managed to get the game running on android using this method:


i'd pay. Shit i'd win the lottery, then spend it all on this, just for it to continue.

Question for you and everyone else.  What is up with NTR?  Why is this not acceptable in most games?   I read your warning and don’t expect it but I am genuinely curious as to why this is a no no?  I honestly don’t get it.

PS: I just started your game, great start.  My favorite type are the sandbox type that you really need to work for your lewd scene.  

Congrats on your success, I really hope the end game is pretty long. 


There's nothing wrong with NTR, some people enjoy it. It's just a matter of taste. In my case, I don't like spending 8+ hours on a game chasing a girl for my guy, to then watch her fuck someone else and my guy cries pathetically on a corner.

It's worse when they had feelings for each other, but one of them gets stolen away. It's a pride thing, nobody likes having what's theirs stolen.

That being said, if a girl in question isn't happy in her relationship and my guy steals her away, that's fine. As you can guess, most of us are possessive by default.

Funnily, if the girls in "our" harem fool around with each other, that's usually acceptable too.

And, thanks for your good wishes. Hopefully you'll like HR.

"...then watch her fuck someone else and my guy cries pathetically on a corner.

It's worse when they had feelings for each other, but one of them gets stolen away. It's a pride thing, nobody likes having what's theirs stolen."

this says everything

Bro it's simple 100% NTR games are just mc having small small dick and others raping their girl,in harem or any other type game you have to work to get someone else girl heck even after getting on their good side you need some proof like thier lover or husband is cheating on them then only they become your lover,so basically a good story and all whereas in NTR your girl is raped mostly and who in their right mind become cock hungry sluts after getting raped this thing happen in NTR avn,that's why they are hated if you know suggest a avn game where if we ignore our lovers there would be NTR

I thought NTR was I stole others girl.  In other words, they cheated but with me.  Is this not NTR?

that's netori but i explained to you right opposite of NTR and u have to do work for it like being good to girl,having treat her like princess and always being for her when she needs and even though all this she doesn't come with mc in most games ,only after they find that their partner is cheating on them,only then they love mc with whole heart,and that's the thing of story,whereas NTR is actually girls being raped and that's not sad part but that they love getting raped and then become their whore slaves as their choice is sad part of most of the NTR avn.


Hey, just asking that if it's possible to release it on the itch.io app instead of just on the website.


Hello. I'm not sure. I'll poke around and see if I can.

Alright, thanks!


i second this!


hate to be that guy but do you have an idea when the next update is its been a bit longer since last time ... p.s please dont rush it out take as much time as you need it is a really good game


IRL responsibilities and some issues with my health have taken a good deal of time, hopefully I won't make you wait a lot longer.


Hope you feel better

all good ( i seriously dont want to rush you) especcially if this is still just a hobby make sure your having as much fun making it as we are playing it

Hope you feel better. The story is really ineresting.

Hmm....andriod verʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

For some odd reason im able to download it but when I try to open it in the files nothing happens. I could really use help with this.


You're running Windows, right? First I'd recommend getting a proper archiver, I personally like 7-Zip (https://www.7-zip.org/)

Download the game, pick one of the available mirrors, the one it's faster to you.

Then create a new folder in your hard drive, I recommend something like "C:\Games"

Move the downloaded game there, right click on it, 7-Zip > Extract here, wait until it is done.

Then, open the game's folder and run the .exe

It should run just fine.

May you explain more on some parts because it still doesn't seem to be working while doing what I understanded on your reply

Go to the discord server if you can, it's faster to chat over there.

(1 edit)

best way i can explain it is that its a .rar file so you have to extract it from the .rar file. to do so you can use either 7-zip like vendena suggested or you could use winrar(i personally use winrar but you can use either). when you go to open the .rar file itll ask you to extract it you just have to have a folder made where you want the game at and extract it there. hope this helps some and sorry for the length

When new update?exact date?


I dunno why but the arts of this game is just insane for me 100/10

I appear to have missed something. On the stat screen, slots 2,5,9,14,19 and 20 are girls I still haven't met. From other comments, I assume 2 is Aoi, and 5 is Fumari.

On the map, I have not unlocked the fourth location outside the house.

13 of the other 15 girls show as done for the current update. Ai's hint is "Something must happen"; Otome's is that I need to meet and progress with a number of girls outside the house. As noted above, all the other girls I have met are finished for now (including Kaori and Yuri; Meiya; Sanae (who is actually in the house with Ayase), and the gym and library instructors).

My understanding was that I meet Aoi at the "corner" Street at night (I'm assuming that's fourth row, first location on the map). I've just played through a full week, working at the store each evening; I end up at that location when night starts, but them am immediately moved to my room.

Sunday events: just caught the mouse (grammar note: one is a mouse, two or more are mice).

My current hint says I need to progress with Otome.

I did take the girls to the beach once.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Did I mess up the ability to meet other girls by doing something earlier?

I think we helped you at the Discord server, if not, poke me over there.

One thing that I'd love to see is a button to go to skip time forward so we don't have to always go back to our room and take a nap whenever we need time to pass.

Not as useful for people starting the game since you'll have stuff to do pretty much all day. For those who've completed everything they could it'd be nice for future updates where you may only have stuff to do for a few LIs at specific times of day


This is easily doable, I'll give it a thought. Thanks.

Potential way to do this is to put a "phone icon" next to the time of day indicators, for "Play on your phone to pass the time." I personally don't mind the current method, but I do know some people like a once-click time pass button.

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I do not know if its the same but one site ported this game to apk but I do not know if its the real game or not hmmm....ohh its gamecax

I know the site, but I'm not related to them in any way or form. I'm sure other game developers aren't either. Be careful if you use any of their ports.

(1 edit)

what do you mean by be careful?

Virus or something like that...thats why I don't trust any site so im waiting for andriod ver hahaah

Hmmm...I tried using joiplay on my phone but it wont let me play so...ima just wait fir andriod version here...

(SORRY BAD ENGLISH) a smell request or idea i think would be a very good: it would be possible for having a smell picture of where are the girls in the map? like in the map picture like in the corner a smell picture of the girl that is currently in that location?

and it would be possible to sparete the girs in the girls stat fot the ones living at the home and the ones that not ? like a icon or in difrent parts of the screen (like a house ikon for the one in the house)

Small picture of the girls in the map will be added soon. I'm not sure about the second idea, but I'll keep it in mind.

Will there be an andriod ver?


I have been trying to port the game to Android, but for some reason doesn't install in my phone or emulator. I have to solve that issue first.

But you can play on Android if you use an App, you can read here if you're interested:


Awww! Thanks for the hard work😁

Nice game

I got stuck and couldn't get the last girl that goes with Aoi's route because it said that i needed to get closer to other people and i couldn't get further with the girl 2nd from the left on the bottom of the stats screen (Chitose was her name i think) and everyone else said wait for an update idk what to do.


Some girls' progress are linked to other girls. You probably haven't met all of them. For Aoi, try visiting the "Corner Street" during night if you can't progress with her. And Chitose is linked to a Sunday event. Did you buy the swimsuit at Kaori/Yuri's?

anyone know what to do after being kidnapped by fumiko

nvm i found what to do

Shit, there's no an Android version, so I guess I'll have to wait for it :(

Cause My PC is a fucking shit xd

For the time being, no build for Android. But I heard from some people that there's an App(?) named JoiPlay that lets you play this on Android.


this game seems cool, but could you perhaps upload it to a different site such as google drive or mediafire? mega has download limits, mixdrop doesn't work for me and racaty downloads are unbelievably slow that it'd take around a day to download (i get 100kb/s when my internet speed is 20mb/s) :c


The problem with Google Drive is that they limit how many times the game is downloaded. I personally like the speeds I get with it, but after a while nobody can download (unless they do some trick). And MediaFire offers me little storage as free user. But seriously considering investing in a PRO account there. I'm still experimenting with the file hosts.

hey i just wanted to say something i cought at the beginning of the game    when you head to the shops  to pick up some stuff you end up meeting a girl this girl asks if your new to town witch the mc says (no we have been here before my parents sent me to look after my grandfathers house) she replys with  (i see iam sorry about your late grandfather) the mc never said he died just that he was watching over the house    maybe iam not understanding whats going on maybe iam dumb and not understanding it just wanted to point it out incase it is a mistake that you didint see and want to fix it    other then that iam really loving the game even though iam not far in at all 

I'll give this a look. Thanks.


this is by far my fav erotic game (nice sex to story ratio) keep up the amazing work i was just wondering if there would be any direct exhibitionism scenes (other than camgirl stuff)

Hello, I'm glad you're liking it. Yes, one of the fetishes/kinks goes in that direction with one of the girls, you can find small hints of it already.

If you don't mind me being a little blunt here the script really needs proofread. A lot of the words at least in English are in the wrong order or the wrong tense. The girls themselves are great (Ayase and Chitose are my favorites) and I'll continue playing it for now but the writing will need to be cleaned up at some point      

I welcome any sort of input that helps me improve, so don't worry. And yes, I need to go through the entire script and clean it up a bit. If you find any line of text that's awfully wrong, you can always press "S" in your keyboard to screenshot it and send it to me. I'll fix it.

Well I really only have the twins and the gamer girl left so I'll have to do another playthrough of the game at some point to get screenshots. 

On another note, I really like the other perspective feature it's fun seeing the side stories from the girls' perspectives. I kind of wish there were more of them. 

where can i find the cheat codes?for fun lol

Ask around in the Discord channel.

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This is one of my favourite games. Would love for pregnancy to be added some day.

Obviously that'd require a lot of work and narrative support,

I just think it'd be supper hot and sweet 


It's a possibility for one of the stages of the main story.

Deleted 126 days ago
(1 edit)

What's BE/AE? Breast/Ass Expansion I'm guessing. I'm not the dev, but can't see either of those really working in this game. Well, Breast Expansion could work well with Pregnancy if Pregnancy ever gets added to the game

Not sure what BE/AE is. But if it's Breast/Ass Expansion like above's friend stated, then I don't see it working in the theme of the game. At least my understandings of them, at least.

All the characters depicted in this game are adults, correct? I don't recall seeing any disclaimers about that.


They are. And the disclaimer appears as soon as you boot the game for the first time. You agreed to it automatically by going pass it.

hmmm ! i see something new here hmM~

Will the mom make an appearance or are the 21 characters the max?

Any character that could appear, outside of the 21 romanceable girls, are pretty much extras.

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